Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Simple Units Converter (SUC) Download

Simple Units Converter

In my previous post I introduced the Password and Serial Generator. Now we have a new Utility application for today..
Simple Units Converter is a powerful and user-friendly tool, it helps you to convert over 8 kinds of units.
It is a simple windows forms application, made by me using Visual Studio 2010.
It combines 8 converters in just one:
  • Weight converter.
  • Length converter.
  • Area converter.
  • Time converter.
  • Volume converter.
  • Speed (Velocity) converter.
  • Pressure converter.
  • Power converter.
Here's a screen-shot of the application:
Simple Units Converter
It's pretty easy to use, just choose the conversion type by clicking on its corresponding button from the 8 buttons listed.

For example, let's click on the "Time" button, now start writing in any of the box's to convert the amount to the other box's unit.
If you write "3" in one box, the number in other box will change to 1095, that means 3 years=1095 days.
You can also write in the right box as well.. 
Simple Units Converter

You are free to chose between 6 different units of every Measurement.
Simple Units Converter

Download it now:

Please give me your opinion about this tool, and if you like it share it.

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