Monday, September 3, 2012

Password and Serial Generator Download - Create a strong password

Password and Serial Generator

Have you ever wanted to create a powerful password for you email or Facebook account?
If yes then this is the right place for you!
Have you ever be a victim of hackers?
well one of the main causes of hacking your email or Facebook account is actually the weakness of the password that you have chosen.

Password and Serial Generator is a simple windows forms application, made by me using Visual Studio 2010.

OK so let's take a closer look at this tool.

Password Generator
When you run the application it would look like the above screen-shot.
As you can see, you have the ability to toggle between a Password Generator and a Serial Generator.
In the password generator you can choose the length in characters of you desired password, also you can decide if you want numbers or special characters such as: ",./?;! etc.."

Serial Generator
The serial generator have also its options, first you must choose the number of quads in you serial, a serial with 5 quads looks like this: Q1HU-9AJT-1LZK-V29D-P8UD.
Another option is to generate a Numbers-Only serial.

Below an example of a generated serial:
Serial Generator

And here another example of a generated password:
Password Generator

you can download Password and Serial Generator from the following links:

Download Password and Serial Generator (zip)
Download Password and Serial Generator (rar)

Please give me your opinion about this tool, and if you like it share it.

Do you want the source code of this app? just Follow me by email and I'll send it to you.