Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hangman - The Instructive Game!


Previously I published the Guess the Word console game. under the title of Words games, I'm presenting now the Hangman game.
Hangman is one of the awesome games that we used to play in our childhood, I programmed this app over 3 days using Visual Studio windows forms applications, language used is C#. It was really challenging, I added some interesting features to the classic hangman game that we used to play on a sheet of paper.

After you start the application, you will be asked to choose one of 7 different categories of words to guess, which are:

  1. Cars brands.
  2. Movies.
  3. Celebrities.
  4. World countries.
  5. Girls names.
  6. Boys names.
  7. Animals.
In the example below, I chose the Cars brands category, so the word to guess seems to be consisted of 3 letters, You must guess it letter by letter. you can have a maximum of 9 wrong guesses
As you can see, the Progress bar is 9% filled, this means that you've already successfully guessed 9% of the words of the current category. can you reach 100% of each ? Animals one is the hardest !


If you guessed right.. 

If you run out of tries, the correct word will appear in red.
Click the "New Word" button to start again with a new word.


In addition you can notice the "What's this word?" link button below the back button, this appears when you fail in guessing certain word. Click on it to view images of the Pierce Arrow brand via google images search.

Enjoy this instructive game, Download it now:


(NOTE: For the best performance do not change the installation location to Program Files)

Hope you like it! :) give me your thoughts in comments..

Do you want the source code of this app? just Follow me by email and I'll send it to you.